A Place to Start

Chapter One: In Which Jack and Dave Teach Lynda a Thing or Two About Navigating a Flat Planet

November 2013….Portland, Maine

“All of life is a foreign country.” Jack Kerouac

“A big eyed fish,

Yeah, swimming in the sea,

Oh, how he dreamed

He wants to be a bird

Swooping, diving through the breeze.

One day, he caught a big, blue wave,

Up onto the beach,

And now he’s dead.

You see, a fish’s dream,

Should stay in the sea.”    Dave Matthews


Our home…our circle of life…our friends, how each day is spent, the triggers for happy and the prods for sad…what makes us relevant to the space we occupy? All these predictions of who we are and how we will behave? Dave sings of it often. “He wakes up in the morning, Does his teeth, bite to eat and he’s rolling. Never changes a thing. The week ends. The week begins.” The discoveries come slower and softer for us as marching ants. Usually…

So as I watch the moving truck pull away filled with the stuff of my life (my art, my clothes, my bed, my “essence, right?), I am reminded that I have lately been bitching about predictability and the lack of spontaneity and therefore, the loss of creativity. (Ha, ha –Yes, my poor husband has to listen to this crap. He has the simplest, most basic approach to life and yet, thankfully, he DOES get me.) As I imagine the next few months without my home, without my easel and paints arranged by color, without that point of balance where you stand precariously. I decide to choose this unique opportunity for “reinvention”. So in trying to become an explorer, an adventurer and maybe even a seeker of things as yet unseen, I decide that a huge bungee jump off the edge of my life is called for.

Art thrives on disruption. I have been living the unchallenged life really. I paint to make people happy. And I AM happy I can do that but one of my great desires has been to take a huge step into this place I have never been. (Hey! Our days are numbered!) Colors may swirl as though I am floating in some universal lava light or I may scream “Yikes, I’m falling into this really scary black night and no one will throw me a rope!” I don’t know. But doesn’t that make life what it is meant to be? Safety and predictability do not give us any opportunity to validate our faith in wherever you put your faith, in our vast potential, and in experiences ready to be lived.

See “Big Eyed Fish” Takes a Walk on LJMS Art

I’d love to know you…

Tell me what you think.

Tell me who you are.

Tell me how the music fills your soul.

Tell me if I’m right. Tell me if I’m wrong…

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